Our Story

Asadorian Rug Company Staff

The story of Asadorian Rug Company dates back to 1915. In that year, nearly a century ago, Stephen Asadorian, a young man from a small village in Turkish Armenia, came to America to escape the deportations and genocide traumatizing his country. Leaving his family in Armenia, the young man, now on his own, found his way to southern Illinois. He was looking for a job in the steel manufacturing plants along the Mississippi River.

Once settled into his new surroundings, Stephen found additional work in nearby St. Louis furniture and department stores, laboring at what he loved best – weaving and rug repair, a skill he excelled at back in Armenia. There fine weavers were valued for the intricacy and delicacy of their work, creating rugs that many considered collectible works of art.

Within a few years Stephen was able to leave the foundries to follow his passion and extraordinary skills importing and repairing high quality oriental rugs. Before long, he arranged to return to Armenia and other Middle Eastern countries known for the highest quality weavers to purchase rugs to sell for his own store, Asadorian Rug Company, in St. Louis, Missouri.

Asadorian Rug Company quickly became known as the preferred source for the highest quality rugs due to Stephen’s expertise and first-hand knowledge of weaving methods and traditions. Within a few years, sons Edward and Higus joined him at the store. The growing family business thrived on the sales and service of oriental rugs as Edward’s son, Richard, and later, Higus’ son, Stephen, both joined the company, bringing fresh business perspective to blend with their fathers’ time honored traditions.

Today, Rich and Steve helm this small company, still located at its original site in north St. Louis County. The cousins are frequently called on to give expert opinions on rare pieces for collectors and museums, and also enjoy speaking to community education classes and arts groups throughout the St. Louis community. They continue the legacy of traveling to all parts of the world in search of exquisite and rare, hand-woven rugs. In fact, their annual buying trips frequently bring the Asadorians in contact with the same families of weavers that Stephen once called upon in the early years, thus forming a bond that the Asadorians have valued deeply for three generations.