Our Rugs

Armenian Map

Our first rugs were woven in a village in Northern Armenia, just one hour outside of Yerevan. Weavers wove at home on their own looms. As business grew, we established a central location in the city of Abovian, just about twenty minutes from the capital Yerevan. The city of Abovian (estimated population 50,000 to 70,000) connects strongly to surrounding rural villages where the tradition of weaving fine carpets is centuries old. Today almost all residents of Abovian were either borne in a village or have close family ties to a village. Over half of our current employees learned the trade without formal training as the traditions connected to weaving carpets integrate naturally with village life as this age old pastime is passed along by family and friends.

We buy yarn directly from sources in the Lake Sevan region. Our wool comes from local sheep, and is noted for its very high quality, durability and popularity by diverse buyers from Istanbul to Tehran.

True to age old methods, our wool is hand spun and hand carded. As a result the wool shows a very distinct character of light and dark variations when dyed. These variations often show up as “abrashes” or streaks of color variation in random areas of the woven pile. The color changes enhance the beauty and depth of color in this hand made product.

We dye our yarn in our own dye house using the finest imported dyes. Our colors are true and fast. The combination of our designs, yarn, dyes and finishing wash gives our rugs a unique character reminiscent of antique Persian carpets.

Historically, rug production in Armenia is centered around Lake Sevan, native land to most of our current weavers. Of these, half come from one village, Artsvashen which lies near the Armenian border with Azerbaijan and was subject to military occupation by the Azerbaijanies (1991 to 1994). Many of our weavers from Artsvashen emigrated to Abovian as refugees during this occupation in 1992. The rest emigrated at other times to Abovian, mostly in the late 1980s. As we expand our production, we encourage new weavers to join our training program. Carpet weaving is a very respected occupation in Armenia. Training lasts about one to two months before a weaver begins working on a full size rug. It takes about six months of training and apprenticeship before a new weaver can approach a speed comparable to a veteran. Almost all of our weavers are women. Our oldest weaver is 61, our youngest 18. Sixty-eight of our weavers are married with at least two children.

We finish our rugs with utmost care, attending to every detail through final inspection. We hope you enjoy and appreciate the quality and original look of this beautiful handmade product from Armenia.