Rug Protection

St. Louis Rug Protection

Rugs can be considered a luxury item, and like any other investment, they should be well protected. Pets and insects can cause major damage to rugs with discrete and little effort. Preventing these damages is much more cost-effective than repairing them.

The number one enemy of most rugs are moths, due to their attraction to the scent of wool. For this reason, we provide moth proofing and fabric protection services:

  • Moth Proofing - We treat both sides of your rugs with a special 100% naturally child safe, pet safe and environmentally safe formula. This formula prevents moths from affecting your rugs by changing the 'taste' of the wool, making it unappealing to the insects. Your rugs are left with an odorless, colorless, and texturless protective coat that moths can't stand.

    Already have Moths? Dont worry, we can proactively treat and kill moths and their larva to prevent further damage and infestation. We also offer reweaving and repair to fully restore any moth damages to your rugs.
  • Fabric Protector - For rugs in stain-prone areas, we offer a fiber protection treatment that is 100% child and pet safe as well as wool friendly. This odorless, colorless and texturless application seals the fiber of your rugs which allows you a window of opportunity to clean up spills and stains before they set and damage your rug.